Wild Ranger’s Leaders will facilitate members at the planned events that happen, and the member voluntarily takes part in such events. We have done everything possible to ensure that the members have a smooth and satisfactory experience. However, there is a chance that such activities entail a certain amount of risk, which may cause damage to equipment injury, illness, or in extreme cases, permanent trauma or death. There may also be a certain level of unpredictability, discomfort or uncertainty associated with such events. Our events, trekking in particular, are not all about luxury or just having fun. It involves a lot of adventure, exertions, and connecting with nature; rediscovering oneself. As a participant, you agree and undertake to sign a separate Indemnity Bond before you join an event organized by Wild Rangers.


Make sure you reach the event on time as in some cases there is dependency on local transport and there shouldn’t be any inconvenience to other participants. There shall be no refund if the participant or a group is late for the event and the leader decides to leave you behind.


Wild Rangers always prays that all their members and participants return safely from all events. Following are some set of rules so all the treks are safe: For every trek, the organizer is to carry a first aid kit and every participant carries their own personal medicines. The entire group shall stay together at all times so as to not get lost or delay entire group. Members are requested to cooperate with the organizers.


We love to stay under the open sky most of the times. Where caves are available – caves can be occupied. Where there are fewer options we carry tents. Usually stay is planned at descent budget guest houses, home stay and hotels depending on the nature of the trek & tours. At most time’s members are requested to carry bedding or sleeping bags for treks.

No Smoking and Drinking during events:

Alcohol consumption and smoking is strictly prohibited for entire duration of trek. Else strict action shall be taken with the member trekker.

All our events are Eco friendly, kindly take care of surroundings around us. Avoid shouting or screaming. Smoking and Drinking alcohol during the event is strictly prohibited and anyone found doing that will be expelled from event without refund. Respect the Heritage and culture of our city. “Do Not Litter” Participants are requested to dispose of all waste/trash in dustbins. Leader’s decision will be final and binding on all members.


  • WILD RANGERS is not liable in any way whatsoever for any injury or loss (including any indirect or consequential loss) of any kind to person or property suffered by any participant whether by reason of any act or omission, deliberate or negligent, of WILD RANGERS in connection with the WILD RANGERS, including injury or loss incurred whilst participating in any activity of the WILD RANGERS or in any activity in which participants are invited to participate.