Sahyadri Treks 2016

Mountain Ranges often enchant us and going from one peak to another through ridges and valleys is an exhilarating experience. Get that with the Wild Rangers treks

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Best Seasons:All seasons
Popular Location:Harishchandragad,Naneghat,Vasota,Kalsubai,Andharban,Sandhan Valley

Sahyadri Treks/Maharashtra

    || 25 -26 Jan 2020 || Heritage Tour To Hampi


    The Indian culture, often labelled as an amalgamation of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by a history that is several millenniums old which have profound impact across the world. As consider where North India…

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      || 21 July 2019 || Trek To Asherigad

      1 day 1 night

      Asherigad Trek Yet another off-beat trek for the rangers specially for the ones who love to trek  in Monsoon in dense Forest, Away from the crowdy trekking destinations. The trek to Asherigad is filled with lots of greenery and waterfalls…

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        || 30 June 2019 || Trek To Ajoba Gad

        1 Day

         The well known For the valmiki rishi ashram where Goddess sita was said to be saying in the wake of being divided from Rama.Luv-kush’s granddad prepared them here, consequently the name Ajoba, which is granddad in Marathi.A little water stream…

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