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Kalsubai Wild Rangers


Kalsubai...!!! Kitihi aikav tari kan trupt honar nahi. Kitihi bolav tari bolun sampnar nahi. Kitihi sangav tari athvani sampnar nahit. Asa kahisa avismarniye experience ahe kalsubai trek cha. Highest peak of Maharashtra. Aplya sahyadrichya mathyaver chadhun yaycha anubhav kahi veglach ahe. Trek suru zala astanach #wildrangers ni saglyanch introduction ghetle. Saglyani agdi tell me about your self sarkhi pata pat uttar dile. Pan saglyanchya bolnyat 1 gosht common hoti ki…

Vasota Boat Ride

Vasota Fort – Junlge Trek

Vasota fort Jungle trek is the perfect trekking destination for nature and wildlife lovers. Vasota trek offers an adventure which every trekker should experience once. Vasota fort is located in Satara district in the indian state of Maharashtra. To reach Vasota fort, you have to get down at Bamnoli village, which is about 70 kms from Satara.  From Bamnoli village you have to hire a boat from shiv sagar lake…

Wild Rangers Raigad1

Journey to Heaven And back Raigad Fort with Wild Rangers

Journey to Heaven….. And back… You don’t believe it……!! This Sunday we were forced to believe this …… Almost all the time we walked in clouds…. Really…!!! Magical rain showering….!! and,  were sending blessings!!!  On us; all this time….. And we were busy revisiting our glorious past…!!! The heaven on earth… for Maratha… For every single person who worships great Shree Shivaji Maharaj!!!! Fort Raigad… Gibraltar of east…!!! The standing…