Wild Rangers

Mastering the art of perfect adventure from 2009 in the Wild!

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Who are we??

We “Wild Rangers” are a group of enthusiasts, who believe peace is out there in the woods, in the midst of Nature. And we can take you places, beyond boundaries. Wild Rangers is all about the affection we have for trekking and travelling let it be The Western Ghats or the Himalayas or any other place. As we travel a lot, exploring beautiful places, clicking pics, making new Friends rather making memories comes as along with the package. We believe that trekking enriches us not only physically but emotionally, socially and spiritually. We believe that trekking could be one of the best team building exercise as it involves team spirit, patience, sense of presence and ability to take quick decisions. The main goal of Wild Rangers is to unite our fellow trekkers and make them aware of the lush green beauty around us, and enjoy it. GO WILD GO GREEN

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Wild Rangers was formed by a group of enthusiastic friends back in 2007 and registered in 2010, who had the passion for mountains. Initially they trekked on their own. Eventually they realized that they should make this beauty available for others too. That was the 1st time the idea of “being Wild Rangers” hit them.

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New Trails - New Explorations

Wild Rangers always focus on giving the best and new explorations/trails every season. Our latest introduced events being the Ladakh tour, the visit to Lonar Crater, Visit to World Heritage Hampi Badami or even the Chadar trek in Himalayas and many more listed on our website.

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Go Wild Go Green

Since evolution man has been always connected to nature. In fact it is the nature that has given man a lot of things. However slowly man is getting away from it. We at Wild Rangers believe that nature is our best friend and hence would like to reunite ourselves with the nature. Also the wild part of nature is more enthralling and enticing. Hence ‘Go Wild Go Green’.

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Best Trekking experiences

Wild Rangers main aim is to get trekkers close to nature. We always focus on best and world class experiences for our co-trekkers. The treks done with Wild Rangers are always most memorable and always cherished.

Meet the TEAM

These are the people behind the planning and Execution of all the events.

Late. Prashik Khobragade


Roshan Dalvi


Tushar Suvarna


Anthony Fernandes

Sharad Jadhav

Sharad Jadhav


Pratik Nikam


Sujit Bhosale


Archis Patil


People Power

Our Guides, volunteers and our co-rangers are the Secret Weapon behind our Success.

Amazing support for all!

Thanks for the amazing support Wild Rangers has received from all of you!!

Wild Rangers started with a group of enthusiasts who were much keen on going into the nature and being a part of it. It is now a well known reputed Adventure club, just because of all the hardwork the Wild Rangers has put in, and equally to all the response received from the fella participants, without which it was not possible to reach this far..

Just because of all the overwelming responses and demands from you, we were able to discover many places and organise a variety of events.

Our participants is our Motivation!! Go Wild Go Green!!

``Let us step into the wild and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”

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