Our Friendship Day Celebration at Matheran

On the occasion of Friendship day I would like to share the wonderful experience with Wild Rangers.

This is my fifth trek with wild rangers and this time we had been to Matheran on a very special day that is FRIENDSHIP DAY on 06th Aug 2017.

The journey begins from dadar station where most of the participants had gathered. We all boarded the 07.03am karjat Train from dadar with our young and running leader Sharad. He has been a very helpful always and active always. From ghatkopar our beautiful leader Pallavi boarded the train with few more participants along with her. Now we were total 24 participants.

As the journey proceeded in the train, some began to share their experience of their earlier Trekks. And some were playing ludo. And I was trying to balance myself in the moving train as I had nothing to hold on to and plus short height…Oh god!

We reached neral station at 9am. Our leader Pallavi took our head count and headed us towards to breakfast joint. After the breakfast we got a special gift from WR on the auspicious Friendship day to please our taste buds in the form of cupcakes. They were seriously very yummy. And then we got a second very special and most awaited gift that is WR t-shirts. I have been waiting for this from a long time. Tones of Thanks to the WR team.

We reached matheran by hiring 4 taxies. Once everyone reached, we introduced our self to each other, tied friendship bands to one another and then started with the trek. Would like to share few memorable moments of the Trekking.

As we started walking pallavi was sharing some moments in which she used the word Actually but was Achkully. From that onwards Actually has been changed to achkully. Pallavi madam please that word !! 😀

Ajinkya always making each one of us laugh. And always asking everyone around “bhai kaisa hai kitna dino ke baad mila” He was the one to capture the word Achkully first then followed by everyone. Pratik Nikam when asked names of  not known participants it turned out to be hilarious moment “siksha – diksha- rickshaw”.

Veer the tallest person in our group was always asked to click group selfies and still wondering y he was missing tam tam so much .. All through the trek he could not resist tam tam . Akash was renamed as ram lal.  It seemed that Pratik nikam’s bag was monkeys favorite bag, wherever he kept the bag monkeys followed it. As if Pratik had bought treat for all of them. Shekhar who just turned my wrong pronunciation into a laughing moment“sagle bagle palale”. Missed Sharad’s whistle still he managed to whistle withouts the whistle.

We visited beautiful and different places at matheran like Charlotte point, lord point, malang point, louis point, garbett point.

The views from the top are so beautiful and astonishing that your eyes get glued to the views in front of you. I could see Kalavatin Durg, it was my first trek in life and also with WR which was a very great experience. Matheran is such a lovely place for the nature lovers. It was amazing walking on the path with trees on both the sides. After visting all the points we headed back pacing  up as we had to reach the exit point before it was dark. We had to board the 08.01 pm CST train so that everyone reaches on time. The leaders made sure everyone copes up with the pace and reach the station on time. Hats-off to the leaders !!

I always love exploring new places and go on trekking. Trekking is not only about exploring new places but also about meeting new people & making friends, learning new things. WR are the best organizers ever and each trek with them has been always memorable. They always make sure that each member is enjoying within safety measures and all reach the goal point. The leaders are very understanding and helping always. I would for sure will be going for trekking only with Wild rangers.

Rukmani Sheshadri