The diversity in our India is not only among the people who live here, or in their culture and language they speak, our country also offers diversity in the landscapes. Up in the North, India is covered with the great ranges of Himalayas; then we have the famous Thar Desert, the coastal regions descending down towards the south; it also has the mini hill stations dotted all over the country.

During the monsoon season what we get to see are the Waterfalls in many regions gushing in full intensity. Some waterfalls are seasonal while some are perennial. The monsoon season brings together a lot of travel enthusiasts to the sites with bubbling-milky-heavy-gigantic (words are less) waterfalls. The sight of them makes us fall in love with the nature all over again, we can spend a long time just staring and conversing with the murmuring waterfalls.

There are numerous waterfalls scattered around the country, however, following waterfalls are often visited by Team Wild Rangers.

1. Kunchikal Waterfall

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Also called Kunchikal Abbe, is ranked highest waterfalls of India. Located close to Agumbe Hill station. The evergreen beauty and the vitalizing air of Kunchikal Falls mesmerizes the visitors and also goes a long way in travel enthusiasts in large number for site seeing. The most significant feature of this falls is that they serve  as a primary source of major hydroelectric projects operational in Karnataka. Other beautiful falls are also visible from this falls. Kunchikal falls is formed by Varahi river.


2. Jog Falls 

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A must visit place in Monsoons. Jog also called as Niagara Falls of India, is located in Shimoga region of North Karnataka. Jog is split into 4 gorgeous falls – Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket. The roads that lead to Jog are also wonderful. There are 2 sides to the falls, which is around 10 kms apart by road. You get a pretty good view of the falls from both sides. There is a walkway down the falls, which goes a long way down to the pit of the falls, with 1000s of steps, an exhausting trek.


3. Dudhsagar Falls

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The magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall is perched in the high peaks of the Western Ghats and is a sight to behold especially in the monsoons when it is in full and furious flow. From a distance, the waterfall appears like streams of milk rushing down the mountainside. The exhuberent and spectacular waterfall is located in the Sanguem taluka. Measuring a mighty 600m from head to foot, this waterfall on the Goa-Karnataka border, attracts a steady stream of visitors from the coast into the rugged Western Ghats. After pouring across the Deccan plateau, the headwaters of the Mandovi River form a foaming torrent that splits into three streams to cascade down a near-vertical cliff face into a deep green pool.The Konkani name for the falls, which literally translated means “sea of milk”, derives from clouds of milky foam which rises up at the bottom of the falls. Dudhsagar is set amidst breathtaking scenery overlooking a steep, crescent-shaped head of a valley carpeted with pristine tropical forest, that is only accessible on foot or by train.


4. Gokak Falls

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The Gokak waterfall is located at a distance of 6 km from Gokak on the Ghataprabha River in the Belgaum district. The Ghataprabha River separated from the Malaprabha river by the Belgaum hills flows through the black soil plains before it enters the rocky belt of Gokak. After a long winding course, Ghataprabha River takes a leap of 170 ft over the sandstone cliff. The cliff is in a picturesque gorge of the Gokak valley and is in the shape of a horseshoe. Except the width and color of the water, the general characteristics of the fall, height, shape and speed look a lot like Niagara Falls on a smaller scale. The dull roar of the falls can be heard long before it attained.

There is a hanging bridge across the river, about 201 meters and its height above the bed rock is measuring about 14 meters. Only 30 people are allowed at a time inside the bridge.


5. Devkund Falls

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Devkund means bath tub of the Gods and Goddesses. It is a vast space of silence near Devkund Waterfall in Bhira village that is located approximately 150 KM from Mumbai. A short trek from Bhira to Devkund Waterfall that is for two hours is the major highlight. The total length of the trek is 4.5 KM which includes a short hike along the Bhira Dam, wide forest ranges, a small water stream and open fields. Due to many casualties in this waterfall, this falls is closed for the monsoon season.


6. Thoseghar Waterfall

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Thoseghar waterfall is a scenic spot located near the small village of Thoseghar, 20 km from Satara city, at the edge of the Konkanregion, in Western India. There are a series of waterfalls, some of them 15 to 20 meters and one of 500 meters in height.

At present Wild Rangers has organised visits to the above mentioned waterfalls.
We look forward to cover even more falls in coming years.