Global warming is a prevalent topic being discussed for past few decades. It has been one of the biggest environmental issues in the last two decades. Every one discusses and form opinions on what can be done, but we fail to realise that we, as individuals can contribute our bit rather than sitting back and waiting for others to take the initiative. As the saying goes “Change should come from you, within you, coz you are the seed of change”

 Planting trees can help much in reducing global warming than any other method. They not only give oxygen but also take in carbon dioxide, during the process of photosynthesis, which is the main source of global warming. Seeds have been sprouting into trees for an extremely long time without any help from humans. Though the survival rate is low but is still significant. The “natural way” to germinate tree seeds is to allow nature to take its course. Most seeds, when sown in autumn without any pre-treatment, will begin to germinate the following spring.

Not spending much of time and without spending an extra penny here is what you can do: As summer arrives, along with the rising temperature, comes the most common and well-known fruits like Jack fruit, Mango, Jamun. Every household has a feast of these fruits and most of the times the seeds are dumped in trash. Can’t we spend few more minutes to wash the pulp from the seeds and allow them to dry?  Store such seeds in a dry container in a cool place. Carry them whenever you travel. You can just scatter the seeds en-route trips / treks or even in your own colony or native place.

Go Green Initiative: Wild Rangers has started the initiative to go Green and has physically planted sapling and seeds during treks in the previous year and the trend will be continued in the current year too. It also plants a tree for every event, in the memory of participants of that event via an organization which plants trees in areas which require forest cover.

If you wish to do it yourself here are some basic tips which are to be taken care off during the plantation process:

  • The place you choose to plant should be moist not soggy. Avoid sowing at places where water can be clogged easily.

  • Dig a pit about 3-6 inches deep depending on the seed you are sowing. Loosen the soil surrounding the pit as it will help in the germination process.

  • Break apart large soil clumps, and remove debris, such as sticks, rocks and roots.

  • Add small stones / pebbles at the base of the pit, it will help to create furrows for excess water to drip off, not making the soil mushy. Top it up with fertilizers, organic matter (dry/detached leaves can substitute fertilizers) to the pit. Add a layer of soil above it.

  • Place the seed and cover it with soil. Take care not to bury them too deeply.

  • Use your hands to gently, but firmly press the soil down over the seeds. Seeds need good soil contact to germinate properly. Finish by creating a level surface.

  • Mark the place you sow the seed, and check it out the next time you visit. Imagine the happiness when you find a tree at that place!!

Wild Rangers appeal to its Rangers to participate in the go Green initiative and plant trees physically during treks / trips this monsoon. Rangers can also contribute seeds stored by them which will be used for plantation by the team. “YOUR CONTRIBUTION DOES MATTER”

Plant a tree & share your pic on our facebook group and be a inspiration for your fellow Rangers. Also share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one!!